Spectrasyne (1992 - 2012) and the BP DIAL Team

The BP Research DIAL Team* members who went on to form Spectrasyne Ltd were as follows:

  • Anthony (Tony) G Wootton - Managing Director
  • Jan T M Moncrieff - Technical Director
  • Philip L McCready - Director
  • Peter H Marshall - Director

In addition, Bridget Adams acted as a non-executive Director

(*Erik Classen was also part of the BP Research DIAL Team, but did not become part of Spectrasyne.)

These four operated as the Spectrasyne DIAL team which remained unchanged for the Spectrasyne operational period from November 1992 to July 2012. In that time more than 160 DIAL surveys were carried out in 12 different countries across the globe.

In 2012 Spectrasyne was sold to an American buyer.

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